REAL PATIENTS: Testicular Cancer


I was fortunate, I think, I just happened to be in the shower washing my testicles and noticed something I hadn’t noticed before. The lump in my testicle was, at that point, about two centimeters in diameter so it was fairly easy to notice. I probably waited about two weeks before I went in to my primary care physician. I thought maybe it might go away. It might just be some temporary swelling or something like that so I continued to check it every day and look for changes and it really didn’t change over two weeks. It didn’t get bigger, but it definitely didn’t get smaller. I did some reading on my own online and found out that it could be testicular cancer and so that’s when I went into my primary care physician.

Following the ultrasound, he was fairly sure it was testicular cancer, but not 100%. He was pretty strong about recommending that I have the orchiectomy or at least go in and check the tumor to see if it was cancerous. An orchiectomy is where one or both testicles could be removed. In my case, only one testicle was removed.

I just had a small maybe inch or two incision in my abdomen and the testicle was removed out through my abdomen and then I had stitches for just a week or two.

My urologist, right after the surgery that I had, informed me that I had seminoma which is the least dangerous type of testicular cancer. The easiest to cure with therapy. He said usually, with seminoma in particular, that it’s very treatable by radiation so I had radiation focused just on my abdomen area. I went in for daily therapy for about six weeks. I was a little bit concerned about my ability to continue to have an active sex life. My physician’s really didn’t think that was a concern. They did mention that I could have some testosterone issues, but that testosterone therapy was an option. That I could have some external testosterone and that should help with the problem.

There haven’t been any issues. It’s been seven years since the radiation and we’ve had a third child and continued to have a normal sex life. I’m definitely back to 100% just like I was before I was diagnosed. I haven’t had any problems since the radiation therapy. I’ve had the annual, semi-annual exams and have been clean and I feel great.