REAL PATIENTS: Prostate Cancer


I had a problem with the prostate a little bit. I went to the doctor for an examination and through a PSA, which wasn’t too elevated. It was about 3.8, but through physical examination the doctor detected a little swelling of the prostate, a little hard spot over on the left hand side. I was a little apprehensive, naturally. Could it be cancer? I had a few urinary problems. A little slow stream.

I was a little nervous when I went in for the biopsy. The doctors were very reassuring, the technician that did the procedure initially. The only thing I felt through the whole procedure was about half way through I felt a little dull ache in the rectum. Just a very dull, like a dull toothache.

I got a phone call from the doctor and the doctor said, I can’t remember how he put it exactly, but I’m sorry to say that you’re biopsy … I wish I had better news, that’s how he put it, but your biopsy did come back positive so I’d like to set you up with an appointment for you and your wife, if she can come. He gave me all the alternatives, all the possibilities. Things that could be done from surgery to radiology to the implantation of the seeds, and asked me what I would like to do and I said, I can’t give you an answer now. I’ve got to think about this.

My primary concerns, considerations as far as making a decision, first of all I wanted the best thing. My wife said to me initially, go have the surgery. Get it removed. Get it out of there. Of course, I had to consider my wife. I had to consider any possible sexual side effects that might result from what procedure I had. Also, I had my first grandchild and I wanted to be around to see that grandchild grow up. I think that if the doctor hadn’t indicated that radiation could be just as successful, I would have gone with Prostectomy and had the prostate removed.

During the radiation therapy, I thought it would probably interfere with my lifestyle a little bit, but it didn’t. My next step is in December when I see the doctor. Hopefully, I’ll have a very low PSA. The fact that I’ve had cancer, I guess it hasn’t hit home. I’ve had a very positive attitude through the whole thing. Very confident in the doctors that I had and the treatment and the success of the treatment. Just looking ahead for great things to come. I’ve always told my wife, and I said I’m sure God laughs at me when I say this, but I’m going to live to be 120.