REAL PATIENTS: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia


When I found out about the enlarged prostate, I’ll be perfectly honest with you, I just treated as something that I heard happens, that most men are going to have it and I just treated as, ok, it’s my time, I’ve got an enlarged prostate and my biggest concern right then was, how do I stop going to the john. One of his questions was how frequent do you go? I told him, some days I can go two hours, some days one hour.

Sex? At that time, I thought that was just possibly the age factor more than the prostate, but then after we talked to the doctor he mentioned that, but initially, it wasn’t that much of a problem.

As my PSA started to progress, my urologist suggested that we take, maybe we should take biopsies. He said it’s just an extra precaution. He said the PSA doesn’t always tell whether you do or you do not have cancer. When he talked in terms of developing into cancer, I said well, how long would it take? Of course my doctor said it’s hard to tell. It might take 15 years. You might die before you actually contract cancer. My thought process was not so much as having the cancer, but I could not envision deliberately waiting until I’m 85 and then going through the process of the treatment if I could eliminate it right now, so I opted for surgery.

For people who are reluctant to getting the treatment and the exams, I say, guys, you’re macho about other stuff. Swallow that macho pride, or be macho and say hey, I’m a man. I can handle this. Go in and get that digital rectal exam and, if necessary, go in and get the biopsies.

Since I had the surgery, it’s almost, like, did I really have a problem? The frequency of urination is almost what I call normal. For the most part, I sleep through the night. It’s like I never had BPH, it’s like I never had the surgery. I feel as normal and I just feel great.